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We love what we do

we are able to control splendid quality and hold advantageous prices for our customers

Our working process

Engaging in the Jordanian market, and GCC market, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and international markets like the USA, Spain, and Canada.


Who We Are

Since 1984, Mr. Fares Natsheh, the owner of Fares Natsheh Group of Companies and Factories, has had visions and ambitions that are unique from others and aspired to the necessity of having a local and regional facility specialized in manufacturing and roasting all kinds of nuts and seeds. With the help of God and the tremendous efforts made by the factory’s sincere and dedicated workers and staff at that time, the factory was developed by introducing the latest methods, machines and mechanisms used globally for roasting and packing and preparing the factory to enter global markets and compete, which required the highest levels of preparation.

 Our services:

 The group manufactures and markets snack foods that include nuts of all kinds: oriental, Japanese, and Mexican, pretzel sticks and pretzels, toasted bread slices, corn crackers, tortilla chips, and cornflakes. To meet the desires of our various customers, we have opened a new market to sell raw (unroasted) products in addition to our roasted products. *Products are distributed locally, covering all parts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through a fleet of direct store distribution vehicles, other external distributors, and the food and retail services sales department. *We also have a strong export business activity regionally and internationally. It has made the group occupy an important position in the global market and built good relations with our international partners.

 Our principles:

We take upon ourselves the mission of committing to provide the best products to our customers, and facilitating their access to them everywhere and at any time. In addition to building long-term friendly relations with our partners.